The Impact of Aged Care

Understanding the Role of Aged Care

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The Difference You Make

In Aged Care, every day you contribute to enhancing the lives of the elderly.
From providing medical care to offering emotional support, your role is crucial in ensuring their well-being and dignity. You'll be part of their daily lives, sharing moments of joy, comfort, and companionship. Your work goes beyond care; you become a vital part of their community and a cherished presence in their lives.

Career Growth

Aged Care nursing is a field ripe with opportunities for professional growth and development.
Whether you're starting as an AIN, an EN, or an RN, there are pathways to advance your skills and qualifications. Specialise in areas like dementia care or palliative care, take on leadership roles, or pursue further education to enhance your expertise. Aged Care offers a rewarding career trajectory that grows with your passion and dedication.

A Day in the Life

Experience the fulfilling and varied nature of a typical day in Aged Care.
Start your day with patient check-ins, administering medication, and planning daily care activities. Engage with residents through social activities, exercise sessions, or simply sharing stories over a cup of tea. Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to ensure holistic care. Each day brings new challenges and opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the elderly.
A Rewarding Career Path

Why Choose Aged Care Nursing?

Aged Care nursing is more than a job; it's a chance to make a real difference in the lives of the elderly. At R2S Agency, we offer opportunities for Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, and Assistants in Nursing to provide compassionate care and enhance the quality of life for our seniors.
Making a Difference Every Day

Roles and Responsibilities

Discover the diverse responsibilities and the profound impact you can have in each role.
Registered Nurses (RN)

As a Registered Nurse in Aged Care with R2S Agency, you will play a pivotal role in delivering patient-centred care. You will be instrumental in establishing and maintaining relationships with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals to ensure the highest standard of care.

Key Responsibilities

→ Patient Care Assessment: Assess the healthcare needs of patients/residents, formulate, implement, and evaluate individualised care plans in collaboration with the patient/resident and their carers.

→ Privacy Compliance: Adhere to relevant privacy legislation, ensuring the confidentiality and rights of patients are respected.

→ Safety and Quality Compliance: Follow organisational safety, quality, and risk policies and guidelines. Ensure adherence to medication management and safety policies.

→ Clinical and Administrative Compliance: Maintain compliance with clinical and administrative policies and guidelines of the client.

→ Professional Consultation: Work closely with Medical Professionals and Allied Health Professionals to provide comprehensive care.

→ Professional Development: Commit to ongoing professional development to enhance skills and stay abreast of current best practices in aged care nursing.

Enrolled Nurse (EN)

As an Enrolled Nurse (EN) in Aged Care with R2S Agency, you will be an integral member of our care team. You will work under the direction of Registered Nurses and Care Services Managers to deliver competent and quality nursing care, including medication administration.

Key Responsibilities

→ Care Coordination: Assist Registered Nurses in coordinating care, including resident/patient assessment, care planning, and evaluation.

→ Care Delivery: Plan and deliver care according to individual care plans and documented policies and procedures.

→ Intervention Review: Assist in reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of care interventions in partnership with residents/patients and their representatives.

→ Medication Administration: Manage and supervise a safe medication administration system.

→ Professional Consultation: Consult with Medical Professionals and Allied Health Professionals as required.

→ Support and Supervision: Assist and support Personal Care Attendants/Assistants in Nursing with their tasks and ongoing development.

→ Patient Relations: Develop and maintain a professional rapport with residents/patients and their families.

Assistant in Nursing (AIN)

As an Assistant in Nursing (AIN) in Aged Care with R2S Agency, you will be the crucial link between our patients and the nursing staff. Your role involves providing essential support services to Registered and Enrolled Nurses, as well as direct personal care to patients. This position is integral to the smooth operation of our aged care facilities and the well-being of our residents.

Key Responsibilities

→ Basic Care Assistance: Assist with the basic care needs of residents in their daily living activities.

→ Communication Facilitator: Act as a liaison between residents and Registered Nurses (RNs), relaying enquiries and explaining responses.

Record Keeping: Accurately record resident outcomes and status, ensuring proper documentation.

→ Risk Reporting: Identify and report any workplace or resident risks to management promptly.

→ Dressing Changes: Perform simple dressing changes under the guidance of nursing staff.

Your Journey with R2S

Join Our Aged Care Team

Joining the Aged Care team at R2S Agency means becoming part of a community that values compassion, dedication, and excellence in care. We are looking for individuals who share our commitment to providing the highest quality of life for the elderly. As a member of our team, you will work in a supportive environment that respects and values your contributions.

Are you ready to embark on a fulfilling career in Aged Care? Apply with R2S Agency today and join a team dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of the elderly.

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