Paramedics for Moranbah North Underground Coal Mine

Project Scope

Paramedic Services for Anglo American Australia - Moranbah North

Since 2022, R2S Agency has been a pivotal partner to Anglo American Australia, providing exceptional emergency and medical assistance at the Moranbah North Underground Coal Mine. Our dedicated team of paramedics works in close collaboration with the site's Emergency Response Team (ERT), ensuring rapid and efficient medical response under challenging underground conditions. This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering top-tier medical support in high-risk environments, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.
Collaboration and Expertise

Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Safety

Our collaboration with Anglo American Australia at Moranbah North exemplifies R2S Agency's ability to integrate seamlessly with existing emergency teams. By working alongside the ERT, our paramedics provide a layer of medical expertise crucial for the unique demands of underground mining. This synergy not only bolsters the mine's emergency preparedness but also instills a deeper sense of safety and care among the workforce.

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