Rapid Response, Exceptional Care

Expert Paramedics for Critical Situations

R2S Agency provides top-tier Paramedics skilled in delivering advanced medical care in high-pressure environments. Our Paramedics are equipped with the latest training and expertise to handle a range of emergency situations, ensuring swift and effective response when it matters most.
Rigorous Selection for Quality Assurance

Paramedics You Can Trust

We understand the critical role Paramedics play in healthcare. That's why our selection process is stringent, encompassing thorough background checks, verification of qualifications, and assessment of practical skills. This ensures that our Paramedics are not only qualified but also align with the highest standards of patient care and safety.
Industries and Specialties

Paramedics for Every Healthcare Need

Our expertise spans across multiple industries, ensuring we can cater to your specific requirements. Whether it's in Rural & Remote areas, Mining, Aged Care, Hospitals, or even unique settings like Island Resorts and Construction sites, our AINs are equipped to provide exceptional care.

Rural & Remote

Expert Healthcare, Wherever You Are. In the challenging environments of rural and remote areas, R2S Agency delivers reliable healthcare solutions. We understand the unique demands of these locations and provide skilled professionals who are adept at offering high-quality care in diverse settings. Our staff are equipped to handle the complexities of rural and remote healthcare, ensuring your community receives the best possible medical attention.


Specialised Care for the Mining Sector. R2S Agency recognises the specific healthcare needs of the mining industry. Our professionals are trained to provide emergency medical services, occupational health, and routine care in these demanding environments. We ensure that our staff are prepared for the unique challenges of mining sites, offering peace of mind and expert care to keep your workforce safe and healthy.

Corrective Services

Dedicated Healthcare in Correctional Facilities. Understanding the unique environment of corrective services, R2S Agency provides medical professionals who are experienced in delivering healthcare within these settings. Our staff are trained to offer compassionate care while maintaining the security and protocols necessary in correctional facilities, ensuring both the wellbeing of inmates and the smooth operation of your services.

Island Resorts

Healthcare in Paradise. For the unique setting of island resorts, R2S Agency supplies healthcare professionals who are as adaptable as they are skilled. Our staff are equipped to handle the healthcare needs of both guests and employees in these remote locations, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all.

Oil & Gas

Robust Medical Support for the Oil & Gas Industry. In the demanding and often remote oil and gas sector, R2S Agency provides robust medical support. Our professionals are trained to handle the specific health and safety challenges of this industry, offering both emergency response and routine healthcare services to ensure the wellbeing of your workforce.


Committed Healthcare for Non-Profit Organisations. R2S Agency proudly supports NGOs with dedicated healthcare professionals who share a commitment to humanitarian causes. Our staff are experienced in working within diverse and challenging environments, providing compassionate care to communities and individuals served by NGOs.


Safety and Health on Construction Sites. Recognising the risks associated with construction sites, R2S Agency offers specialised healthcare professionals adept in providing on-site medical services. Our team ensures that your construction workforce receives immediate and expert medical attention, reducing downtime and enhancing safety on your projects.

Community Care

Personalised Healthcare in Community Settings. At R2S Agency, we understand the importance of community-based healthcare. Our professionals are skilled in providing personalised care in various community settings, from home health to public health initiatives. We focus on enhancing the wellbeing of individuals and communities, ensuring accessible and high-quality care for all.

Customised Staffing Solutions

Why Choose R2S Agency?

R2S Agency stands out for our commitment to excellence in healthcare staffing. We provide highly skilled paramedics who are committed to patient care and equipped with the latest medical knowledge and techniques. Our rigorous recruitment process and ongoing training ensure that our paramedics are among the best in their field.
Expertise and Reliability

Why Choose R2S Agency for Registered Nurse Recruitment?

With decades of experience in medical recruitment, R2S Agency stands as a leader in the field. Our deep understanding of the healthcare sector, combined with a commitment to service excellence, positions us to deliver not just candidates, but the right fit for your team. From rigorous candidate selection to ongoing support, we ensure a seamless recruitment process, so you can focus on delivering outstanding patient care.



Adaptable staffing solutions to meet your dynamic needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Rigorous recruitment process ensuring top-tier talent.

Industry Expertise

Industry Expertise

Deep understanding across various healthcare sectors.

Supportive Partnership

Supportive Partnership

Continuous support for seamless staffing integration.
Ensure the best emergency care for your patients with our professional paramedics.